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​​Power Thyroid

In a nutshell, there are many factors that lead to Iodine deficiency. There are those that are unique to you as an individual such as your age, a family history of thyroid concerns, autoimmune health problems, etc.

There are external factors like the amount of Fluoride and Chlorine in our city drinking water, the MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) in processed food that is so common in grocery stores and supermarkets. There are even known instances when prescription medication for your heart, your bones or blood sugar can have adverse effects on your thyroid and hormone production. Medication for menopause or pregnancy (treatments such as Estrogen Replacement Therapy, for example) are also prime suspects, so are frequent mammograms and/or exposure to radiation due to X-rays.

Most of these factors are beyond your control or are too hard to control. What we can do is counteract them. Put up a fight. No one’s taking us down THAT easily. In the next few minutes (yes, it actually only takes a few minutes of your time), we’ll let you know how you can have the power change your life for the better, physically, emotionally, realistically.

It starts with enhancing your metabolism. You’ll feel supercharged with more energy to go and do things. You’ll burn more calories, getting rid of stubborn fat in process—like those love handles no one really loves.

You’ll help improve your blood circulation greatly for a much more stable and normal body temperature. Your cold hands and feet will be a thing of the past, so will being too sensitive to the cold.

You’ll not only stop hair loss, but even have silky, healthy hair and radiant skin.

Your body will regulate itself and run on a more relaxed, regular routine: You’ll sleep soundly all night long, have more consistent bowel movement (that’s “number 2 right on schedule).

Your overall mood will normalize, no sudden ups and definitely much less downs. It will be like seeing the world through different eyes. You’ll even have renewed passion and raised libido.

You’ll be able to think clearer, remember things more, and have a sharper mind.


In short, you’ll feel ALIVE again—maybe even YOUNGER!

We’ve prepared everything you need to know about your thyroid, about Iodine Deficiency, and what you can do to pro-actively protect it and prevent it from controlling your life. It’s all about empowerment. After you’ve done the reading, go ahead and do your own research. We’re not here to sell you a pill. We’re here to enable you to solve a problem, to offer a solution to your woes, and pretty much to let you take your life back.

Remember, the power is within your reach. YOU ARE NOT POWERLESS AGAINST HYPOTHYROIDISM!


Your friends from LifeSpring.

We bet you ticked more than one item on the checklist. Most people do. But what most people don’t realize is that the list does not define you, nor is it supposed to limit you in anyway. On the contrary, the list is a wake up call. Your body is saying, “Hey, something’s wrong. Pay attention to me and fix me.”

Nobody should sit down and just accept it. They can do something about it. YOU can do something about it. And you should. It’s your body, your health. It’s your life.​

You are not powerless—not against many things. And certainly not against Iodine Deficiency caused by thyroid-related concerns. That’s what we’re here to talk about: Your thyroid, your options, and how you can live your life how you want to.